Pray for Long

This is my friend Long. He is Thai Chinese. He is 100% Thai and from a Northern Province but his ancestors came from China. This is something very interesting about Thailand there are a lot more people with Chinese ancestry than realized in this country. It is said that in the 1950’s in Bangkok that almost 40-50% of the locals were of Chinese ancestry. Thai Chinese also dominate anything that has to do with money in the country so most of the businesses in Thailand are run by Thai Chinese.

It is an interesting story about how we became friends. When I first came to Thailand we were looking for a gym to exercise (it’s a must to stay in good health physically and spiritually) I initially became a member of another gym in town and had just paid for a 1 year membership. I didn’t really like the gym because it was far away, small and really hot. I met some guys in the gym and one day they invited me to come check out a new gym in town that had just opened and was offering a free day trial. I said sure I will go check it out. During this time when I went I happened to meet the boss. It was Long, a young new businessman from the North. I noticed that he didn’t look “Thai” at all but more Chinese so I asked. He replied “Yes, I am Thai Chinese” as a result I asked if he could speak Chinese. It was then I learned he had spent a few years in college in Southern China. It was great. At that time my Thai was very poor and his English was not that great either however he could at least speak at an intermediate level of Chinese so we were able to communicate and immediately found we had a lot in common.

Over this past year our relationship has grown and I do believe God placed him in my life for a reason. I have had some opportunities to witness some in the past to him but it just was not the right time. It wasn’t until the other day when we went out to eat together at a roadside shop that he told me his friend that was driving down here to be a manager at one of his new gyms about to open lost his arm in a motorcycle wreck. This opened a great opportunity to witness. I am asking for prayer because he is a very influential person here being a young businessman. Pray for Long’s salvation and that I will continue to follow and listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction about how to sows seeds and introduce him to the Lord Jesus Christ and his wonderful salvation!