Urgent prayer for a few matters.

We need urgent prayer for a few matters…

First is for brother William. Brother William is from Xuzhou, Jiangsu province in China. I met him a few years ago when we invited him to come help do some co-training with us in quite a few different locations. We had a great time together, God was glorified, and the local brothers and sisters received him well. Soon after our trainings brother William went on a mission to serve in Africa for a few years. However, soon after he returned from Africa he started having health problems. He soon found out that he has Cirrhosis of the liver. He has been in an out of the hospital constantly dealing with weakness and severe stomach pains. What is very sad is that he is also newly married and a brand new father. We have recently purchased some natural supplements for him to try to boost his bodies natural defenses. These include Milk Thistle, Glutathione, Turmeric, Indian Gooseberry, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Ubiquinol. While these supplements may possibly help in some way we know that God is in control and we need to lift our brother up in prayer. God can heal but we should do the things we know to do that could help a situation. Usually Cirrhosis is something caused by alcohol abuse however, this brother does not drink at all. Please pray for Brother William!

We also would like to lift up our visa situation to God. I finally was able to get my 90 day work visa. Nothing has been like we were told or expected and to say the least has been a nightmare since we got here. We have already been working straight for 2 months just to get to this point. While I just received my 90 day visa my family is not allowed yet and because their visa was about to expire we had to pay for a 30 day extension for them. There are other problems that have arisen. The next steps in this process were for me to get my teaching permit and then my work permit. When I went last week to apply for my teaching permit they said they may not be able to accept my bachelor’s degree. I told them I am also currently enrolled in 2 Master’s degree programs, one of them being in education. It didn’t matter because they only accept finished degree’s as a qualification. She notified me that she would have to submit it to the director for a special review and that would take 2 weeks. The big issue is that if my teaching permit is rejected there may be a chance that I will not be allowed to work in Thailand. If I can’t work then I can’t get a visa and we will have to leave the country. This is very serious because we had just paid 2 years rent, moved into a new place, and purchased a vehicle.  The situation was completely unexpected because we were assured that this would be a simple, straight forward process and that we had plenty of time to do things in country. We are waiting for our school to get the letter soon in a week or so which will determine our next steps. We will try every option available to stay in country but if worse comes to worse it looks like we will go back to China, find a new place to rent, try to recover rent money if possible, sell our car, sell off or donate our furniture and appliances in our home, and try to ship some of our things to China. Please pray for both of these situations as well try to seek God’s will and the leading of the Spirit. We trust in God regardless and are looking forward to seeing how these things work out.