Worship in Thailand

This is a clip from a praise and worship service from a local church that we are working with. This church is doing a good job trying to reach out to the small local community they are located in and especially the children of the community. They have many partnerships with local schools many that are located at Wat’s which is the name for the buddhist temples here. In Thailand many schools are built together with the buddhist temples. However this church does a good job of building the relationships and trust in the community to be allowed to do English teaching outreach ministry with the kids. Please pray for the brothers and sisters local and foreign alike serving in Chachoengsao Thailand.

In other news, please pray for us as we continue to try to work through getting our work visa. We recently passed a crucial step but we don’t have a lot of time remaining that may cause us to have to leave the country to switch our visa again. Please also pray as we are about to head to Northern Thailand next week for about 2 weeks. We will be doing 2 outreach trips each in a detention center and a boys prison during this time. I would love to get pictures or videos for these events but it is impossible to bring a phone inside.

Thank you for your love and partnership with us and also for your continued mission work in your own community!