Pray for La

This is my friend La. He is one of the guys I train and one of my main workout partners at the gym. Over the past year of getting to know him I have had quite a few opportunities to try to witness to him some. Of course it is difficult when you only have about 1 year of language under your belt to get into a lot of detail about things. La is from the countryside in Lambang which is a more northern province here. An interesting thing came about while witnessing to him is that I found out that his older brother is a Christian. Please pray for La and his salvation as I try to let the Spirit lead and find good paths of witnessing opportunity with him. My hope is that because his older brother is a Christian I can use that as an opportunity as a bridge to Christ.

In other news, this month we are going to be extremely busy. I am still waiting on the people I will be working for to prepare my documents. These documents I asked them to prepare in advance so we wouldn’t have to wait but of course they didn’t prepare them so this is going to cause us to have to drive to Cambodia so the family can exit Thailand and come back in to extend our stay until I can get my work permit and then switch our visa’s to 1 year.

We will be going to Bangkok today to support a brother who just opened a new business. On Monday the 26th we will be going to Pattaya for the opening of a new business of some guys that I have been building a relationship with and witnessing to this past year.  On Tuesday the 27th if my documents come in I will turn in my application for my work permit and that afternoon we will drive to Chiang Mai. On Wednesday the 28th there is a big fitness competition in Chiang Mai of which I have 2 guys that I have been training and witnessing to that will enter. We will stay in Chiang Mai from 3/28-4/7 and during that time we will joining with a good brother to take a few trips to the local detention centers and local boys prison for witness outreach.  On 4/8 we will either drive to Myanmar or Cambodia so that the family can walk across the border and come back to extend their stay in Thailand until the work permit and visa can be finished. Then shortly after that on 4/21 we will be flying to China for a 2 weeks for outreach and training with them. Please keep us lifted up in prayer because there is a lot of moving parts at the moment and it is very easy to lose focus and make mistakes. We want to be obedient to the leading of the Spirit and make the most of every open door of opportunity He provides for us. Praise Him! In Jesus name! Amen!