Killing 3 birds with 1 stone

People always ask me how I meet so many people. It’s simple. For example, one of the greatest places I have been able to meet people is at the gym. There are lots of people with the same interest and goals as you, and because of that it gives you a lot of common ground to start off with. This makes it easier to meet new people and build a relationship with them. I did the same in China and was able to see people come to Christ over the years through these opportunities. These pictures are of 2 guys (Auto and Nick) that are trainers at the gym I go to yet I recently trained them at a higher level to train for this big bodybuilding competition in Chiang Mai. Doing things like this strengthens our relationship with them and helps to build trust. When we can establish trust it gives better opportunity to speak words of witness to them as someone they know and not just because they expect you to say those things as just another “Christian foreigner”.

In Thailand it is normal for locals to say “Oh yes, you are Christian because you are a foreigner. That is good but all religions are good and the same but we Thai people are Buddhist.” That is the average response. But building the relationship and trust gives you a chance to show them something different when they see your life in Christ and also can speak as a friend and someone they trust about spiritual things.

Continue to pray for Auto and Nick. Auto will continue to be a trainer for at least this year at the gym I currently go to but Nick is moving to Pattaya because he recently opened a new gym there. I will still have opportunities to visit him but pray for their salvation and that I will be able to let the Holy Spirit lead in how to continue to share with them.

This is the first bird was being able to come to Chiang Mai for helping them in this bodybuilding competition. The second bird is that we will be here 1 more week and will be getting together with a Thai Chinese church for Easter Sunday and also are preparing this next week to visit a detention center and a boys 12-18 prison for outreach ministry. So please pray for these events.

The third bird is that in 1 week the family will need to do a border run to exit Thailand. We have been getting slow walked on all things concerning work permits and switching visas so because the families visa will expire soon we exit the county and come back in to get another 30 days stay. Surprisingly, this turned out to be somewhat convenient for us because on the drive back home down south we must pass by a town that takes us to the the Myanmar/Burma border which is about 1 1/2 drive west. We will make a quick detour to do this border run so the family can stay in country until I can finish getting my work permit and eventually all switch to our 1 year visa’s

Please pray for all these things that God’s will be done. In Jesus name, Amen!