Happy Easter Beloved Brothers and Sisters

Happy Easter beloved brothers and sisters. We pray you all have a wonderful Spirit refreshing Easter Sunday!

Here is some brothers and sisters at an Easter sunrise service at a Thai church we partner in ministry with.

We were able to deliver 3 boxes of Chinese Bibles to a Thai/Chinese church we partner with that will use them for outreach events when mainland Chinese come for training events and get to practice reaching out to their countrymen in Thailand. A friend of ours has about 1,000 boxes left that we can have access to for future outreaches. Praise God we are able to help get his Word out.

Easter praise hymns in the Thai/Chinese church.

Easter preaching in Chinese with a Thai language translation leading up to partaking in the Lord’s Supper. Praise be to our Lord Jesus!

Please pray for us and our upcoming outreach events. The outreach event tomorrow at the detention center was cancelled suddenly because the Thai brother we were planning on going with had a mini stroke. However, it still looks like our prison outreach planned for this Thursday is still on.

Aside from that we are still dealing with some visa timing issues. Please pray that the timing works out right to do what we need before we have to leave for our 2 week trip to China.

Thank you so much for your love and support please contact us anytime about anything!

In Jesus name, Amen!