Salvation Today!

God’s ways are not our ways! Thank God for that!

Today we were set to do our boys age 12-18 prison outreach and had a good time of prayer beforehand.

However, God had other plans and when we got to the prison we arrived to find out that we were not going to be allowed to do outreach today. The reason we received was that they were “doing something else today”.  One good thing about meeting at the prison was I was able to re-establish contact with a good Thai brother who is heavily involved with prison ministry across the country and a lot of troubled teens ministry. He also has a home for troubled boys on a farm that he tries to help lead them to Christ and get them on a better path in life. When we saw each other again I told him about my interest to start getting involved with prison ministry primarily down South where we are at currently but that possibly he could be able to use his current connections at prisons he works at already to make and introduction for us. I told him that we could possibly start using a type of fitness outreach to them but use that as a tool to bridge to gospel sharing opportunities. Please pray for these plans.

My partner and I that I came with wondered what to do and he says “What do you think about just going to the park and sharing the gospel” which I replied “That’s what we came out here for today and we wouldn’t want to waste a trip would we?”

I tried to get pictures of some of the people we were able to share the gospel with at the park but I was only able to get a few.

When I mean share the gospel I don’t mean just give them a track. I mean we will go and introduce ourselves and ask about them and where they are from and ask if they have a few minutes that we can share the Good News with them. We then share a face to face gospel witness and leave them other materials for them to read if they choose at a later time.  The interesting thing we found today was that a good number of the people we witnessed to were actually Shan people which are a minority people group that are in Northern Thailand and Burma but most of them speak good Thai. Thank the Lord as well my partner had ample Shan language materials to give to them as well expecting to meet some Shan people.

To wrap up today’s post and outreach event we had went around the whole park and we were almost done for the day I we saw a guy way in the back sitting on a bench by himself in the shade. We went up there and started talking to him and found out he was a Chinese tourist that was from Kunming China and by himself and came to Thailand for a few days. I shared a very detailed Creation to Christ gospel presentation with him and he was very engaged the whole time. I asked him what he thought and he said it was very good. I asked him if this is something he wanted and made sure he knew this had to be his own decision and not because of any other reason. He said yes that he wanted forgiveness of his sins and to receive new life in Christ. Praise God let the angels rejoice for we have a new brother in Christ!  We would have never met this guy today if the prison let us in today. We look forward to trying to follow up with our new brother Lee so please pray for him in his new journey of faith and life and Christ. In Jesus name, Amen!