Roads that lead to death

Songkran “Fun”

The “7 deadly days” in Thailand have wrapped up and this year once again proves why Thailand has the #1 road deaths in the world with 418 in 7 days.

What is tragic and ironic about this whole issue is that most Thai people are upset at the government for not doing more to prevent this but it is the people themselves that put themselves in these situations by promoting and taking part in these types of activities. Not to say there aren’t innocent people involved sometimes that are affected by the sins of others but it is a fact that most are complicit in supporting the “festivities” that take place during this time.

Pray for us as this can possibly be a witnessing bridge for us that these roads of death could also be roads of life if they run through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Please also pray as we are preparing for our 2 week trip to China that we can be obedient to the will of the Holy Spirit in our lives and walk with HIM day by day.

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God Bless!