Welcome back to the Smog

Welcome back to the Smog!

I don’t know why we were hoping that after almost 2 years of not being back that we thought somehow maybe the smog would be less or things would have improved. Sure there are new roads everywhere, new buildings, and fast paced development all around but there is no let up of the smog. Unfortunately after only 4 days of being back we all starting yesterday got a little sick. I suppose after not living here for 2 years we lost the immunity we built up over the years. This is normal, I used to normally tell new people to China that they can with almost 100% certainty within 1 month plan on getting sick, and bronchitis is one of the most common things you see.

I have been able to catch up with a brother that is still somewhat of a babe in Christ. These past few days we have been meeting for afternoon tea (drinking XinYang MaoJian green tea, 信阳毛尖儿)and having discipleship sessions. He was telling me the other day that thanks to our help with discipleship there were some things we had taught him when he first became a believer that soon came in handy. Not too long ago he was at a tea house in town when someone from a Korean based cult came in and was trying to deceive people into this cult, many of whom were friends of his at this tea house. However, because he remembered some of the things we studied together he was able to defend the truth of the Word through the scriptures. It has been good these past few days to continue to “make disciples” and “teach them all things I have commanded” according the the full meaning of the great commission. While seeing people believe in Christ is a wonderful thing, we must remember that the real meaning of it all is for them to become HIS disciples.

*All faces will be blurred for security*

Please continue to pray for our health and that we will be sensitive during this time to the still voice of the Holy Spirit in all things. I must say, I have felt in Spirit a much greater spiritual darkness here this time back than I had in years past. There is change in the wind here, and it’s not good. In a future post I will write about the very dangerous situation the church is in here, it’s not good that’s all I will say for now.

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