Tearing down the Cross

Last week I was talking with a Pastor back home and he was asking us about the current situation concerning Christians in China. To put it simply what you may have heard may be true someplace in China. However you can by no means apply it evenly across the whole country. The example I gave was the reaction you would get sharing your faith in a big liberal city up north or a small conservative town down south.

In general the big flourishing eastern coastal cities will be much more open and less strict than when you start moving inland and to the west. This strictness especially applies to minority people groups. However recently there has been a standard applied and is happening across the country that I am very concerned about and recently we and those we work with are facing many trials as a result.

The video above was sent to us by one of our local partners from a church a few hours away from where we are. This is just one of the things that is becoming more common no matter the city. Please pray for the brothers and sisters here they are increasingly facing pushback and being placed in situations that are very trying to their faith. Pray for us so that we can continue to encourage, support, and provide biblically based wise counsel as the Spirit leads in these situations. We will go into more details soon in a future post about the whole situation that is going on. Many thanks to all the brothers and sisters back home that trust and believe that what we are doing is bringing God glory and are selflessly supporting us to continue these efforts. We are so blessed to have real brothers and sisters in Christ in our lives like this because this isn’t our families mission it is OUR mission as the family and body of Christ!