Quick post before we head back

It’s Sunday 9:40am here in China and the weather is still very smoggy. We will be heading out in a few hours to take a bus to the airport where we will head back to Bangkok and from there head home. This trip has been draining in many ways but it was 100% worth it. Even though we pour out so much to help build the church here in China it is never enough and such a great task. Pouring out your heart day after day trying to persuade those who are lost to see the truth in Christ is draining as well. When you pour out so much you must get filled back up with the Holy Spirit. We look forward to having some good quality quiet time in the word and with the Lord.

The picture above is of Mr. Ru. This is the 2nd time I have met him and he is an old family friend of a good brother. He is not a believer. Yesterday my friend invited the 3 of us out to eat at the local noodle house and then we went back to drink tea. Many of the guys I know here love to drink tea. When I say love it I mean you better be prepared to free your schedule from 1:30-5pm and drink hours worth of tea. I must say I much prefer this over hanging out with other guys I know who just want to drink alcohol and don’t listen to a word you say when it comes to the gospel. That’s why it’s always a pleasure to be in these types of situations. You are just sitting in a quiet room drinking tea and talking about the many different aspects of life. It’s the Chinese version of going to the local breakfast joint and sitting with the older guys who are figuring how to solve the problems of the world.  My friend and I both had an excellent opportunity to witness in a very deep and clear way, not just explaining the scriptures but being able to go through the many aspects of Chinese culture and history that are a good witness, for example one of the former Chinese emperors was a Christian.

Many things you could tell he had never heard before and you could see he was listening and weighing these things in his heart. He then responded with a Chinese saying that goes something like “If you believe in something then it exists but if you don’t believe in something then it doesn’t exist” to which I replied what about truth? No matter how much you may not believe something is true doesn’t mean it’s not the truth. Therefore meaning, God exists and is the truth whether someone believes or not, truth does not change and will not disappear because God is eternal. Please pray for Ru, I am glad to know that my friend who is still a baby in Christ but passionate about his faith and sharing it will be able to be a good influence in his life and help to answer any other questions he may have. Let’s pray for Ru that he can see the truth in Christ and be willing to accept it.

In Jesus name, Amen!