Follow up about Ru

First we wanted to give a quick update that followed our last post on Mr. Ru. Before we went to the airport I had a couple hours to go to a friends house to talk. During that time we had an opportunity to talk about what we could do with Ru since we had such a good deep witnessing opportunity before with him while drinking tea. My friend told me that Ru’s dad actually was a Christian and died years ago although his mother was not.¬† I remembered when we were talking that Ru said he had a Bible at his house, now it made sense where it came from. My friend told me that he is the person that loves to argue just for the sake of arguing. I believe that can be a good thing sometimes because it helps a person to look at all angles of a situation. We then talked about a particular book called¬†Song of a Wanderer

I really like this book because it is the story of a Chinese intellectual who looked at science, as well as many of the world religions and how he finally came to the conclusion of the truth in Christ. This book has always been a great tool in our witnessing toolbox. It just so happened my friend had an extra copy and assured me that he would continue to follow up witnessing over tea as well as give him the book to read. Pray for Ru’s salvation, the work we are doing for God in his life could potentially be an answer to his Father’s prayers for his son many years ago. This Father is in heaven cheering his son on to come home to him.

We have a lot of stuff to post so we will probably have at least 1-2 posts a week coming up. Now come along for a ride in the following video so you can see firsthand what it’s like to go some places we go.