New Chinese Gospel Tract

Despite us being very busy dealing with visas, outreach trips, and other general ministry activities we still have found time to make a big update to a gospel tract we use.

You may know us but do you know what we believe about evangelism and the gospel?

1 Sharing your testimony is not sharing the gospel. We remember clearly years ago attending a training in Hong Kong with a big evangelist to China that everyone was fawning over who claimed that he and his partners were having thousands come to Christ, hundreds of churches were being planted and that he had a church planting movement (CPM) happening. At first we were excited and thought it was great, however, by end of the training and learning his method the only thing we learned was to share our testimony with unbelievers and then ask them if they want to believe in Jesus. It was then we knew why he had so many so called new believers. It was because he subscribed to easy believe-ism.

What a shame because there is even a cult in China that believes that even just hearing the name of Jesus makes you saved. I remember one time actually experiencing this when a man was riding his bike down the road and just shouting “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!”. Had I not known about this cult I wouldn’t have understood what he was doing but because I did I believe he was someone from this cult who really believed that he could just ride his bike down the road shouting Jesus and whoever heard would be saved.  So we say this all because while we believe that sharing your personal testimony is a powerful tool and should almost always be shared while you are witnessing with someone it is not the gospel. Please share your testimony.

2 We believe in a face to face gospel presentation. Let us be clear. We’re not saying that you can’t share through handing out gospel tracts or even share the gospel through a phone call, a blog, an email,  social media, or through chat programs, you can.  What we are saying is that we believe in our opinion and experience that if possible a face to face gospel witness because of it’s personal nature is the best. Even better share the gospel as a small group. Get together with another brother and sister and invite your friend for a meal together and looks for was to share your testimony and share the gospel with them.

3 Handing out gospel tracts should never be the primary method of gospel outreach. The gospel tract we have always had a firm conviction should be used as a backup tool. Are you very short on time and maybe will never see the person again (e.g. a quick ride in a taxi) Usually we have always tried to take the time to give a good face to face gospel witness and possibly also sharing our testimony if needed and at the end of that conversation leave them with a gospel tract to hopefully follow up with. People are so busy today that just handing out tracts on the street will mostly result in having them thrown on the ground or in the trash. You are much more likely to have someone read a tract if you have first at least engaged with them in friendly conversation first.

Lately we have had quite a few brothers and sisters in China needing good gospel tracts but they ran out and don’t have the original files to print more. Also here in Thailand those we know that are doing outreach to Chinese tourists have been sharing with them some very very strange Chinese tracts in our opinion even to the extent we told them they might be better off just not giving them a tract at all. So by taking on this project we are able to fill a great need at the moment. The good news is that we also want to share it with you to download, print and share with anyone from China you may know!

Download the New Fu Gospel Tract

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