Always a Blessing to Make Disciples

While we can honestly say that we do spend the majority of our ministry time doing Evangelism we are firm believers that you MUST follow up with new believers the best you can if you are blessed to have the opportunity to see someone accept and want to follow Christ. There are a few brothers that we have been busy discipling lately. Why the picture of Charles Stanley? Because he is also helping us to disciple these believers.

In many situations especially concerning discipleship we don’t believe the wheel needs to be reinvented. We have had roughly 2000 years of Christian history already and that includes the many great many gifted teachers that God has given the church throughout those years. Charles Stanley is one of those men in our opinion. I personally remember when I accepted Christ when I was 21 years old reading Charles Stanley’s book The Power of Prayer and it explained so clearly things that I had never thought of about prayer. It really changed my prayer life and deepened my relationship with God. I even remember later on giving it to a Taiwanese brother who found great use from it as well.

I say this because years ago Charles Stanley’s church contacted us for help and wanted to work with us. They said, we want to know what we can do for the church in China. The result was a series of messages that went into their InTouch messenger program. InTouch Messenger It is a program that consists of 35 messages and has been translated into many different languages. We have found this very beneficial to listen together with new believers and use as a discipleship tool. After all why reinvent the wheel? We could create or use our own material but the 35 lessons they created are really great and touch on some very important topics of foundational Biblical topics that new believers must know.

We are happy to report that a recent new believer that we have been discipling has one more lesson to finish the 35 lesson series. This is very impressive to us because there are many that are not able to follow through consistently. We thank you for all your prayers, we need it to intercede on our behalf to help against the great evil that attacks us every day here. We thank you for your support in other ways as well without it we would not be where we are today and there is a great chance that those that we have witnessed to, discipled, churches that have been started, and new missionaries that have been sent out may have never happened if we were not able to come to these places to serve according to the Spirit’s leading. In Jesus name! Amen!