Powerful Beginner Discipleship Lineup

Praise the Lord we just had a new brother in the Lord finish the first round of discipleship. As we mentioned in our last post we normally use the Charles Stanley Messenger Sermons as our tool our choice to teach basic fundamental principles of the scriptures in the native language. For those who are interested what lessons these are I will list them as follows.

1. The Way to Heaven

2. What it Means to Believe in Jesus

3. Where the Wrath of God and the Love of God Meet

4. Conviction vs. Condemnation

5. God’s Call to Genuine Repentance

6. The Lamb of God

7. The Passion of God’s Love

8. Love in Its Highest Form

9. Seeking God’s Guidance

10. Our Trustworthy Guide

11. The Desires of Your Heart

12. When Our Faith Wavers

13. Walking Through Dark Valleys

14. How to Handle Difficult Circumstances

15. When Anxiety Strikes

16. God’s Purpose in the Storm

17. In Times of Great Disaster

18. Sifted for Service

19. Confronting Closed Doors

20. Inadequacy – A Barrier or a Blessing

21. It Is Good to Give Thanks to God

22. Living Godly in an Ungodly Age

23. Integrity in the Life of the Believer

24. The Danger of Drifting Part 1

25. The Danger of Drifting Part 2

26. Help is on the Way

27. The Power of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer

28. How to Maintain the Spirit-Filled Life

29. The Power of Solitude

30. Those Who Have Never Heard

31. That All May Know Him

32. Into All the World

33. Because He’s Risen

34. Does God Give a Second Chance After Death

35. His Resurrection, Our Assurance

So what do you think? Is this a powerful beginner discipleship lineup? We think so! If you want a copy of these messages please feel free to contact us and we can help you get them as well to use in your ministry or personal life. In Jesus name, Amen!