New Outreach Plans

There has been a change in plans from what we originally expected, but that is always ok because we trust God and his leading. We were supposed to be on a work visa right now but the enemy prevented us from this. That is also ok because God always makes a way. Sometime mid Aug.  we will go to Laos to  apply for a student visa to study Thai language. There is a chance they could deny us for this which would put us in a really bad situation, but we are a bit optimistic that we should get through this.

There are a few things that don’t work in our favor with this. In the original plan I would have been working for 6 hours a week total which would have give me a work visa and a little extra funding to help for ministry costs because we aren’t at 100% fundraising yet.  However, now we lose that little bit of income and we must add additional expenses that will add about $3,500 to our yearly budget.

Good new about outreach though is that we have been talking to a brother who now lives in Pattaya and does ministry full time there. He used to be a member of a famous Christian music group. He was telling us that sometimes he goes out to help a missionary couple that does outreach to the Chinese tourists, but, in English. We are looking forward to meet these brothers and sisters in Pattaya soon and are working on setting up a meeting time. This will be a great partnership opportunity because not only does our family have 2 Chinese speakers that can help, there is a possibility we could also bring the Chinese missionary couple we met recently to help as well. That way every English speaker can possibly be paired with a Chinese speaker to be more effective.

Thanks to a generous donation we have a huge amount of Chinese Bibles we can freely distribute and if you read our other blog post we had recently updated a Chinese gospel tract that we can print to use during these future outreach events.  Other than that we have been very busy with work and ministry.

Thank you again brothers and sisters who know what Missionhog is really about and that is getting the gospel out to the lost and seeing disciples made wherever we are.  Please continue to pray for us mainly that we can remain unhindered until we get this student visa because this effects our stay and our ministry efforts as a result. In Jesus name! Amen!