7/31/18 Update

We wanted to give you all an update about what has been going on. Sorry we haven’t been able to make more frequent or detailed post’s we have had a lot going on but want to give some basic updates.

1.  Continuing to follow up in discipleship with some believers. Please continue to pray for all those we are discipling currently 3 brothers and a sister.

2. Have been having some good seed sowing times of witness to some of the guys at the gym I work out at. As I was telling someone not long ago, in Thailand you can’t give these guys too much, just a Bible verse and a quick explanation of the meaning is about all they can handle. The key is to continue to build the relationship with time and trust and keep constantly sowing those seeds of truth. Pray for these guys that God would open their hearts to his truth and salvation in Christ alone.

3. Will be meeting some potential new gospel sharing partners in Pattaya soon. We pray for a good connection with them and that we can start partnering in outreach with them down in Pattaya to Chinese tourists and local Thai’s alike.

4. Recently talked with a brother back home who said his church may be interested in sending some small short term mission teams our way sometime in the future (Lord Willing). We look forward about the potential to receive them and have them help out in Thailand or in China.

5. We were going to go today to register at the school but had a change of plans. We will go next week to the language school to register for a year of language school. We will probably drive 9 1/2hrs. to Savannakhet Laos by the end of August and try to get our visa there. I believe there is a place we can park our car at the border, we will walk across, when we get to the Laos side we have to get an arrival visa then we will go to the Thai consulate. We apply in the morning, stay the night at a local motel, then go to the next afternoon for pickup. If we have no problems and no problems crossing the border then we will start the long drive back.

Please continue to pray for us and please contact us anytime if you want to start supporting us in some way or if you are interested in doing a mission trip to Thailand or China! In Jesus name! Amen!