Thailand Trails

Don’t misread the title! It’s not Thailand trials, it Thailand trails but I am sure you read it right. That is not to say that there are no trials here in service to the Lord because there are many. Our life here in Thailand has already taken us down many trails for the gospel and while some things we do not know what is waiting for us on the other side there is one thing that is clear; Christ is with us every step of the way and every step we take for him and every witness we try to bear for his glory is a good thing even if it doesn’t look pretty now or in the circumstance.

We wanted to share a bit of good news however there is an err of caution we have with this. Thailand in many ways is very, very corrupt. We have experienced that first hand where we are about 95% certain we were intentionally denied our work visa because we did not pay a bribe to the local immigration officials. This has led us to where we are now. The ironic thing is that most visa options here automatically have “bribes” baked into the package already so you are ensured you won’t be hassled by immigration. Of course you have never receive 100% certainty but if there is one thing we have seen is that for those who don’t follow the local customs and the rule of the streets and local authorities you probably will end up leaving because you can’t make it. It’s getting that way. Based on what we have seen 1st hand the people who are trying to do things right and the honest way are being denied and kicked out while the ones who play the game which has been the standard way of doing business for who knows how long get left alone and can life relatively trouble free. It’s a shame it has to be this way, however, this is why we are here to be salt and light and try to be an element of change in this country for Christ.

Amazing news was that when we were about to go sign up with a place to get a visa today the Spirit suddenly impressed me to go to a different place down the road first. We went and talked about what they have to offer for us getting a possible 1 year visa. After talking a while we found out that both the young girls working there are new Christians and they invited us to come worship with them at their small local Church sometime. We really felt that God wanted us to meet them for a reason, possibly to play a role of influence in their walk and discipleship process, we will see. But praise God that we can experience his leading day to day. We made a down payment and now just have to wait a few weeks to get approval. If all is well we will have a 9 1/2 one way trip to Savvanakhet Laos to try to get our new visa and return, hopefully with no problems at the end of the month.

As always please pray for us in all ministry things that we can be obedient to our Lord and his leading everyday, our visa path that it would be prepared, and that God would also continue to put support partners that want to get involved with the ministry in some way or another. To our existing trusted partners we are so thankful and can’t thank God enough that he placed you in our lives at just the right time. God is doing great things and it is such a blessing to know that you are just as much a part in this ministry! God Bless you all, we look forward to hearing from you, receiving teams in the future, and just working together in any way we can so that we all can bring God glory and represent Christ no matter where we are. In Jesus Name, AMEN!