Visa Update! The Real Work Begins

Thank you everyone so much for your prayers. We really needed it. Especially our supporters who are dealing with outreach and flood relief efforts in NC that are affecting friend, loved ones, and other brothers and sisters very near to us.

We got our visa. This was a huge risk going to Malaysia to try to get this visa because they have been getting much stricter this past year. I decided to go through a local agent who for $20 would take my visa there and pick it up. The cost of 2 round trip taxi’s and the long wait in line I was able to skip made it well worth the extra cost. The above picture was of my visa agent Mr. Jim. He is a very eccentric Indian guy who like most Malaysians speaks very good English. He was quite hilarious and very helpful. During my time at his little shop I was able to talk with him a little about the visa situation. Click here to see a picture of Mr. Jim’s Place

He said the reason it had been getting more strict is that they can’t give bribes anymore to the consulate workers because some new army guy came in and took over. Before you act so shocked I mentioned bribes. This is a normal thing that happens as part of almost any business projects in these countries. Visa agent’s will typically pay an extra ‘fee’ in order for the visa application to go smoothly. However, this is not allowed anymore at this place. The new army guy in charge is very strict and capped applications at 100/day in order to carefully go through every application. I was very nervous to hear that because they will reject you for any small excuse no matter where you are at when dealing with Thai immigration. But we trusted God, this is why we took the chance to begin with and I almost couldn’t believe it when the next day there was my wife’s passport sitting on his desk with her visa in it. I half way think Mr. Jim couldn’t believe it as well. Praise God!

Malaysia is a very interesting place. We were on a small NW island called Penang.

In this place there is a lot of colonial English buildings. It is a very interesting mix of cultures with the majority Muslim Malay, Hindu Indians, and Buddhist Chinese. This combination also makes for some of the best food in the world. You can’t been getting a huge Indian flavored grilled chicken breast with some flat bread and a Malaysian tea for about $3 USD. Also I thought some of the names of the people there were very interesting. I posted a few shots of some of our taxi drivers. The Malaysia trip thankfully was not bad at all, praise God! But we are happy to be back to get focused again and so the real work can begin.

The big update is that there is a team coming later this month that we will be partnering with to help do evangelism with the Chinese tourists. We have 100,000 bibles in a warehouse ready to go and with the new Chinese gospel tract we just updated as well if we can print some of those out we will have all the tools we need. Please be praying as we prepare for this big outreach event.

We want to continue to thank all those who have been faithful to support us. For those who have yet to partner with us would you prayerfully consider to help us to make up for some budget shortfall that has come as an unfortunate result of losing our part time job and work visa as well as the additional trips out of country to try to secure a long term solution for our family to stay and serve? Please check out our donate page and options here.

Psalm 145:18 The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth.