Big Outreach Coming Up!

Bowing to Beggars

It truly is such a shame to see the widespread strongholds of dark spiritual bondage everywhere you turn. It is one thing here in Thailand to see spirit houses in peoples yards at home or in front of businesses but it is very sad when you venture out early in the morning when the monks are walking through the neighborhoods and to the businesses to beg. Especially because you will frequently seeing people bowing and worshipping these beggars.

I remember years ago reading an interesting book about why China never really became a buddhist country and why is was so heavily resisted in China. Let me explain some of the main reasons.

1.  Chinese traditional culture values hard work and looks down upon begging especially if you are in good health. Becoming a monk and taught to wander and beg for your food was not well received among the Chinese.

2.  Pork. The Chinese love their pork. Being taught that buddhists should not eat meat and take the life of the animal was not well received.

3.  Alcohol. The Chinese liked to drink alcohol so forbidding to drink alcohol was not well received.

4. Celibacy. Chinese traditional culture put a high emphasis on having a large family with many sons. This was viewed as very prosperous and a guarantee the family name would have success in the future. When buddhist monks came to teach that buddhist monks should not marry it was not well received.

Yes, eventually after two thousand years it did gain some traction in China and spread to many other countries as well. But overall it never really gained a strong foothold in China as a whole. For more interesting reading and to support my points you can read about the “Four Buddhist Persecutions” in China here – Four Buddhist Persecutions

On to the main news, we have a big update. An an interesting one in fact. There is a fellow US citizen we met here a while ago that lives in a larger city just and hour or so drive away who has a ministry and also owns an American breakfast restaurant. Last month we were finally able to meet and talk about partnering together in ministry to do outreach to the millions of Chinese tourists that are coming. I have mentioned this in previous blog posts that we have 100k Chinese bibles in a warehouse ready to go for outreach. It is good that we can work together because he needs more Chinese speakers and we both speak fluent Chinese.

Why are Bibles more important than ever? Because they are now burning them in some places in China. A good brother that we have trained and helped his house church many times even sent me a message saying that now if you are caught taking part in any unregistered religious activity, such as and unregistered house church, you can get fined anywhere from 100k-200k Chinese Yuan which is equal to about 15-30k USD.  Last time we visited China we saw the rapid deterioration in this situation as well, just comparing from the time when we were still living there which wasn’t that long ago. The video below has a few pictures and gives some simple explanation. This is not our video but we have posted a video of a church getting torn down straight from people we work with and from nearby where we lived in China.

The interesting news is that a team is coming from a church in the USA to join with us in the outreach efforts. So I asked my friend where are they coming from. I was shocked! They are coming from Swansboro NC which is where I went to highschool and is about 5-10 minutes from my home. The odds of a situation like this happening is huge, and shows that this is obviously one of God’s divine appointments. The team should arrive after their long trip this weekend and we will be gearing up for a big outreach and evangelism push this next week. Please be lifting us up in prayer for these outreach efforts coming up as well as all those that God knows will receive a gospel witness. Please continue to pray for the Chinese brothers and sisters who are under great pressure at the moment and some facing persecution. Please don’t forget to pray for all the brothers and sisters who have suffered loss in some way in SE North Carolina from the hurricane flooding as well as those in the Florida panhandle and SW Georgia. Pray that churches will step up to help and also work to spread the gospel into those communities God is opening for them through these disasters.

In Jesus Name! Amen!