Great Results/ Emergency Prayer Request

The outreach has been going this whole week praise God. We are very thankful to have a team that we can partner with in the efforts from NC here as well. There has been prison ministry, barbershop ministry, Chinese tourist outreach and day care ministry happening.

As a result of the Chinese tourist outreach we were able to speak with over 300 Chinese tourists so far, 11 Russians, 6 Thais, and 2 people from Nepal. It was overwhelming to see the nonstop line of tour busses coming in and the thousands and thousands of Chinese tourists coming nonstop all day and it never let’s up. Needless to say we were tired, thirsty, and drained when we finished. But praise God because these people have had a chance to get a gospel witness.

Please continue to pray for us as the efforts continue this week into next week as well. We do have an emergency prayer request. This week my wife has been experiencing swelling like a balloon in her feet, legs, hands, face, and neck some. Her lymph nodes have been swollen in the back of her neck as well and has been having headaches. We were hoping it would be something that just went away but as she woke up this morning and it seemed a little worse we knew that we needed to go see the doctor. I am writing this as of right now as she is getting many tests done for her kidney’s, auto immune system, blood and maybe other things. Please pray for God’s wisdom for us and the doctor’s in this situation as we hope it is nothing major.  Thank you all again for your love and support. Without it we would not be here right now to share the gospel with these people. This may be the only gospel witness these people ever get to here. Let’s pray God works in their hearts and accepts the truth and salvation in Christ. Let’s pray that we can be healthy in body, soul, and spirit to continue this work.

In Jesus Name! Amen!