Thank you everyone who has prayed for us these past few days. We want to ask for continued fervent prayer for us as it is a very difficult time. The picture of the hospital above is Bangkok hospital in Pattaya city, Thailand. We went back for a follow up appointment with the immunologist. She was able to confirm that my wife has Lupus. In some ways it is refreshing to know because at least now we know what we are dealing with, unfortunately there is no cure for Lupus and she will probably have to take medicine for the rest of her life and that is also at the risk of other complications that can arise at anytime.

Lupus is a disease where your bodies immune system gets confused and starts attaching good things as bad. This is why her kidneys have already been attacked. Lupus can attack anything though. Regardless of what is happening we are going to trust and continue to serve God until our last day on this earth. I have told many people about my old missionary buddy who is in heaven with the Lord Jesus already. He was a missionary until the age of 97 and he had a saying, “I won’t retire until the devil retires”. We want to be the same and serve God no matter what until the last day. If we look at the life of Joseph, he was sold into slavery as a boy, accused of rape, thrown in prison, and despite all that God rose him to greatness. He did the same to Job as well. That doesn’t mean that we can’t reach a point where we don’t understand why something is happening.

Sometimes God doesn’t want us to understand what is happening like with Job but to just trust in him. I remember a Pastor saying one time “There are some men in the church and I have seen it time and time again, they serve, they share the gospel, they give generously, they are great men and great friends but let a loved one die and they just seem to drop out.” We don’t want to just drop out. We want to continue to trust God even if we don’t understand and not drop out. However, we are not going to lie and say it is easy or that we are strong.We appreciate and love you all and we will continue to fight for you and be salt and light in the darkness wherever we are even if all the light is gone we will still trust God to lead the way. We need our brothers and sisters more than even to help us bear this burden. If you would please pray about how God would lead you to be there for us in this difficult time.

In Jesus name, Amen!