Taking Things One Day at a Time

Hello Church Family!

A few days ago Darlene went to her latest checkup and found out she has had some improvement to her kidney function which is good news, Praise God, but we also found out that the prescriptions she was taking was in the wrong amounts. This is mostly to be blamed on the doctor not giving clear instructions about the amounts that needed to be taken and when.

So the doctor changed her prescriptions to a much higher amount than she has been taking the last couple weeks. This was not good news because the already expensive medication we thought she was taking at 2 pills a day he now wanted her to take 6 a day! These pills alone cost $2/each and that is just one of her medications. With this increase it will now put her at about $400/month just for her medication and not including the necessary checkups she needs and a kidney biopsy.

We have our plane tickets and will arrive back in the USA on Christmas day. We are trying to get signed up for medicaid because at this point there is no other good options for us at the moment. The most important thing is trying to get her some initial treatment. Things have been extremely busy here as I am now in the process of trying to sell everything in our house including our car to at least get back some of our money. Last night I was out until 2am delivering our beds to a brother in Christ in Bangkok and then delivering a weight set we had to a brother in another city about 2 hours away in Pattaya. Needless to say I am very tired and still have some much more to do. What is really important is we line up a buyer for the car because this could be a problem if we can’t in time. Please pray for strength for us, Darlene’s health, and that we can find buyers for all the things we are trying to sell in our home. I tried to get a refund on the 1 year tuition from language school that I just paid 3 months ago but they said no, it is not possible. Please pray that our landlord would find it in his heart to refund our remaining 8 months rent and we will have no major problems trying to transition back to the US as we initially will be staying with Darlene’s parents in Chesapeake VA to be close decent medical facilities.

Another good piece of news is that we will be able to reconnect with a retired Taiwanese college professor that lives in Norfolk VA who frequently hosts Bible studies in his home for Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese students from the local university. We look forward to be able to attend again on a weekly basis and let God use us in anyway possible to be a good witness and example to both the believing and unbelieving Chinese students who will be attending.

We thank you all so much for your prayer and support and look forward to what the Lord has in store for us next!

In Jesus name!