10 more days

First we would like to share our neighbor doing his yard work. Needless to say he has an interesting technique that I have never quite seen before but I guess he is getting the job done.  The latest update is that there is 10 more days left. We have been busy trying to sell off things in our home so that everything isn’t a total loss. The big issue for us at the moment is getting rid of our car. When we came here we didn’t want to purchase a vehicle outright so we bought one with 36 month financing and our Thai friend helped us sign for it. Now we have the pleasure of trying to find a buyer, get low balled 10 times a day from people asking unheard of prices, and learning about the hoops we have to jump through now to sell it. 

This was the main issue for us besides hoping that the landlord will give us back at least some of the rent we paid up front. A lot of times in Thailand if you pay for something you do so with the knowledge that there is no refund unless specifically agreed upon in advance. We are hoping because we renting the house through a family member of our good friend that we can at least get something back. The car is an interesting situation. I won’t waste time telling many of the stories of people telling me about all the cars online that they can buy for thousands less than ours (if that was true I have no idea why they are contacting me and not going after those great deals?) but I am no fool. Time has gotten tight and I lifted things up to the Lord. It just so happens that a Chinese missionary friend of mine serving here in Thailand was talking to another Chinese missionary who is about to have a baby and mentioned that he needed to buy a new car. So he got us together and we have been trying to work out the details. The issue right now is that I learned we can not transfer the financing until 1 year, which is still 2 months away. He also isn’t 100% he can meet the paperwork requirements to qualify to switch. I am really hoping we can work out a solution with him because it seems to be the perfect timing that as soon as we are leaving he needed a car and I would like to help a brother in Christ first and foremost if possible. 

We have our plane tickets for almost midnight on Christmas eve. We should get back early afternoon Christmas day. We are step by step trying to get rid of things and trying to prepare the logistics for this trip. Some have asked us how we feel about having to leave. To be honest when you trust God it is ok. There is nothing to be sad about when you are in God’s will because you know you are where you are supposed to be. Something to remember is that the Missionhog is not stopping or ending. This is a temporary detour that God has allowed for his purposes. This happened quite a few times even in the Apostle Paul’s life. The good news is that God is already opening other doors of opportunity. We have still continued on with ministry on the side despite all this. We are about to get together with some missionary brothers for some outreach and other strategic meetings tomorrow concerning helping them to reach out to Chinese students they are coming into contact with here in Thailand. 

  1. The first is that when we return to Virginia to be close to good hospitals so that Darlene can seek her initial treatment and we will be able to have plenty of helping hands from her family and friends in the area. In the past we would attend a house church Bible study from a wonderful brother who is a Taiwanese biochemistry professor, now retired. He still travels the world doing missions work and discipleship trainings but continues to hold the Bible studies in his home for the Chinese and Taiwanese international college students. We have already contacted with him and we are going to be able to attend again and hopefully we can be a good witness to any students that have not yet believed. 
  2. There is a good brother we know in Thailand who takes frequent missions trips to India and Nepal. Thailand is more of his base of operations because of the visa challenges he faces in these countries. We keep in touch with him and he is looking at potentially partnering with us to expand the mission trips and teams he hosts. He wants me to pray about helping to bring teams from the US on mission trips to Thailand and China. We are going to continue to pray about this but this seems to be the direction things are moving. More than likely I am still going to be able to take trips and lead teams into Thailand either by myself or with my son. My wife will not be able to travel with us anymore until on big trips like this at least for another year or two once we learn more about her exact medical status when she can get a kidney biopsy and if the medication can get her into remission. 

So please whatever you do, don’t think that we have stopped or that we are giving up and going home and that the mission is over. If you are a supporter please don’t give up on us now in our time of need because right now is when we really need your love and support. Please pray about your church getting involved or maybe even sending a team out. We would be more than happen to give advance missions training in the US when we return to prepare folks for missions. Since we will be back please let us know if you want us to come visit, speak, or help with training or outreach in your area, or at least myself because with the health issues my wife may not be able at least for 5-6 months. Thank you and please continue to keep us in prayer. Email us anytime about anything and most of all we thank you for all your support through it all. missionhog@protonmail.com

In Jesus name! Amen!