Back in Virginia

Well we finally made it back praise God late Christmas day. Only with the help of the Lord were we able to pull all this off. Trying to sell off a whole house full of things and a car as well as taking car of the logistics for our return was extremely challenging. The great majority of things we were able to sell including the car were the same day we were leaving. We also had to reduce everything we own into six suitcases and it worked out down to the pound. The flights were relatively smooth praise the Lord but we are extremely tired after all the traveling. We left about 9 pm Christmas eve to the airport in Thailand and didn’t get to Virginia until about 3pm on Christmas day. Remember that with the 12 hour time change that means we were traveling for about 30 hours.

We don’t have phones yet and were just able to get unpacked. We didn’t really get to do any celebrating this year for anything because we were in the air and too tired when we finally got back. Even today the jet lag is pretty bad. Please continue to pray for us as we get adjusted and try to get Darlene to find a doctor to get in the system with them. We look forward to the opportunities God is giving us to serve him where we are today and day by day. We want you all to know that we are ok and after a couple days of rest we will be ready to begin to get moving again. We look forward to contacting you all soon to catch up.

Jesus is the reason for all seasons!