Plans for this New Year

Chinese Bible Study

We are very sorry that it has not been convenient for us to contact anyone yet. We still do not have sim cards for our phones and we are still looking for plans that do not cost lot of money. I found one last week for $10/month but could not get it working right with my phone so I am hoping to have one within the next couple days. Above is a picture of the Chinese Bible study we attended again this last Friday evening. We will be attending again weekly while we are here and pray God may be able to use us in some way. We just went the other night and had a good time catching up with some that we know in the group. Please pray as I will be leading and sharing next week with the group. We continue to pray about the Lord’s direction and a few things have peaked our interest that we would like to share with you all to help to pray and support us in.

  1. Continue to seek treatment for Darlene’s kidney issues. It is a slow process to get started. Many doctors are not even taking new patients and the one’s that are, you can’t get seen right away. We are hoping to get in an appointment by the next week or so and then we can get a referral to a specialist.
  2. I am going to check out a ministry that takes place on Sunday’s at 11pm for Chinese restaurant workers in the area who are not able to attend Church or Bible study during normal hours.
  3. We are going to check out a local Spanish speaking Church and ministry. We have been praying about whether we should start learning some Spanish while we are back. With our previous language learning experience we could achieve a fairly good level of fluency in about six months if we put the effort in. To tell the truth this has been a life goal of mine to have at least an intermediate level of fluency in Chinese, Spanish, and Russian.
  4. Continue to try to see who God may be placing in our path that is being led to join in pray, support, and/or partner in the Missionhog ministry. We are especially keeping our eyes open for those that God may be trying to call out into the Mission field whether locally or overseas and possibly play any role we can to facilitate these things according to God’s will. This is a good opportunity for us because it gives us time while we are seeking medical treatment to focus on building a more comprehensive support network so that Lord willing when we can return to the field in a year or so we will not be in such a tight situation.
  5. Continue our studies. While we are back in the USA one good thing that might come out of this is that we should be able to receive financial aid to finish our Master’s degree in Education. We came close to finishing our Master’s Degree in Evangelism and Church Planting from Liberty University years ago but didn’t because we just didn’t have a need for it. When we started to realize that a seminary degree works against us more than helps us overseas we felt the leading to pursue a secular degree that helps to open doors to a platform in countries through things like a work visa. A popular category is Education. We have five classes left to finish our Master’s in Education and with the possibility for us to receive financial aid it is looking like we very well could finish the degree this year. Along with continuing our studies we are also looking forward to spending a lot more quality time in our study of God’s Word.

All in all we are trusting God. Yes there are a lot of unknowns at the moment and we are figuring some things out step by step. Sometimes God doesn’t reveal everything to us or else we might lean to our own understanding instead of walking with him daily and that is the Missionhog motto “Serving Christ day by day”

We look forward to connecting and visiting with you all soon! In Jesus name! Amen!