1/22/19 Updates

We are currently up in Virginia at Darlene’s parents home. Today she is finally able to see a doctor for her initial visit. There has been a long wait because many doctor’s are not seeing new patients and the one’s that are have a long waiting list as well. Although this is the first visit, this will be able to get her the referral to finally see a nephrologist. She has not been feeling very good this week so please continue to pray for her recovery.

In the meantime we have had many opportunities and invitations to share at Chinese Bible studies and other gatherings with both believers and unbelievers alike from China. Most are college students from the mainland. In a way it is very awkward to do it here. I guess the best way to explain it is that when you are in China you are in tune to the culture because you are there but when you come back you are in tune to the local culture in the US but you have to switch it and remember the cultural nuances while you are sharing as if you were still in China. It is also awkward in a way because I want to be able to share things to empower people to live as disciples but if there are unbelievers I don’t want to push to hard on the outreach and evangelism issues and make them feel like we are just foreigners trying to brainwash the Chinese to ‘our’ western religion. It is a difficult line to toe.

While Darlene is pursuing her medical treatment up here it seems that my son and I will have a chance to come down to NC to visit so please look forward to getting a call from us. We will be visiting for 2 weeks from 1/24-2/9 and then we have to return to VA.

As I talked with my Pastor, it looks like I will have an opportunity to share this Sunday the 27th at our home church of Concord Baptist, so Praise God! I was able to have a good talk with him to let him know what our current thoughts and feelings were. This is what we would like to express to all our supporters, please do no give up on us! We are just getting started and need your continued pray and support. Look at the trips, life and journeys of Apostle Paul, not to say we are in the same league as he was but that missions isn’t always that you go to a country and never move for the rest of your life it’s (Serving Christ day by day) our motto. This is a good time for us to not only focus on Darlene getting well again physically but to be deepening and strengthening existing relationships and expanding new partnerships. Building a firm foundation and estimating the cost for the next stage. Please join us to be a part of this exciting process!

In the Father’s grace,