Having a Servant’s Heart

The Lord has been so good to us over the year’s. Not just to us personally but through other brothers and sisters as well. How can we help but to lend a hand when others are in need. For those who know the Missionhog know one thing and that is no matter what time, or where, if it is within our power we are willing to lend a hand.

Darlene is up in Virginia following up with the doctors she is hoping to get her kidney biopsy within the next few weeks so they can assess her full situation. There has been a bit of good news with some good results of her most recent blood and urine tests showing that the medicine has knocked down her immune system enough from the Lupus to stop attacking her kidneys. The evidence is that her kidneys were shown to be filtering all of the protein from her body so none was leaking into her blood and urine which would cause further kidney damage. Now we await to see what the damage is to her kidneys.

To give Darlene a break just to relax, destress, and be able to not have to be burdened or focus on anything further than her immediate situation myself and my son came back home to NC. It was wonderful to be able to share at our home Church of Concord Baptist and they gave us a very warm welcome back as always. We really have been blessed with such a wonderful loving Church family even if it is just a ‘little ol’ country Church’.

I have had some opportunities to catch up with some old friends and try to witness some more to them. More on this in future posts. Please pray for these efforts. It looks like we will be spending our time split between VA and NC for at least these next few months. The other day we were blessed to be able to ride out to spend the day to lend a hand setting and puttying up nail holes for a big disaster relief project. About an hour inland NC got hit really hard from that last big hurricane and it looks like a disaster zone when you ride through. I must admit I have seen nothing like it before in the area and even the old timers have said so as well.

Please keep in mind, the Missionhog is not stopping. We will continue to have a servant’s heart and serve the Lord day by day whether in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, or the ends of the earth. As I have told folks before. A mission is a mission no matter where the location. The only difference overseas is that we do it in a different language and are working with a different culture. Please keep praying for us and if you are interested in partnering with us in some way or would like for us to come share at your home church while we are back please contact us anytime at missionhog@protonmail.com or please pray about donating to help keep our ministry going.

In Jesus name, Amen!