Christian Health and Diet

One thing that we have tried to put into better perspective over the years is our physical health. 15 years ago we knew that exercise was good for us and that eating a balanced diet that stayed away from some of the fast food, candy, and soda you see everywhere was good enough. That is not the case. We only learned there is so much more to what we face today after researching these issues when we moved to China and were bombarded by pollution from the air, water, food and every place imaginable. At first we went in naive, no knowing that pollution will not kill you instantly but as the years go by the long term effects set in.

As we did our research over the years to help protect our bodies from the pollution in China we do regret not knowing back then what we know now that could have helped Darlene avoid some of the health issues she is facing today which we know the root cause is from our decade in China’s worst pollution. Some people use the word martyr and believe it means someone who is killed by a person or a government for proclaiming their faith. However, we also believe that a martyr is someone who willingly lays down their lives knowing that they could die in order to preach the gospel in a place. We knew that living in that pollution could cause us health problems. In hindsight it was worth it 100% to see thousands come to Christ, Churches planted, Pastors trained, and Chinese missionaries trained and sent out.

Not to be too long winded as I often am, I would like to get into some of the general recommendations we have for any Christian who wants to experience a relative protection against the many things attacking our physical bodies today. We have been very surprised to see so many back in the USA getting attacked by health problems as well, many of which we believe can be avoided or prevented with some simple lifestyle and dietary changes. Eat organic foods when available. Organic has become much more popular over the years but it will help protect you from eating genetically modified foods (GMO) which can alter your DNA and foods loaded with pesticides such as roundup that are sprayed on crops to protect from bugs but end up getting eaten by you. You don’t believe me? Well maybe the recent huge class action lawsuit will change your mind. This has been shown time and time again to cause cancer. There has however been scandals as the USDA and FDA can’t keep up with everything. Even fraudulent import products especially from overseas that get the organic label yet are not organic at all. Only around 2% of imported foods are inspected by the FDA. When in doubt try to check and see if they are local organic products or maybe even see if there is a farmers market nearby selling organic goods. We especially like to eat organic berries like blueberries from the USA and drink a fruit smoothie with some organic yogurt in the afternoon.

Oils. If you have a choice and we are serious about this. DO NOT EAT ANYTHING FRIED! Especially if it is fried with vegetable oil. If you can make your own fried foods then fry foods in Olive oil which is rich in healthy HDL and polyphenols. Once again, with olive oil please choose organic, in a glass bottle and a bottle that is dark to prevent oxidation of the oil. If you must eat that burger from the local fast food joint please skip the fries and the soda but be aware that they bun is probably loaded with cancer causing glyphosate from roundup tainted wheat and potentially GMO. Vegetable oil when heated to that temperature is instantly oxidized and mutated and when it enters your system does immediate damage to your arteries. Eat healthy oils. The two to stick with are organic olive oils which are high in HDL and coconut oil which is high in LDL but there is a good type of LDL that many don’t know about. For example if you must fry any food like cooking eggs in the morning consider using coconut oil or grass fed organic butter, DO NOT USE the other bad oils like vegetable oil! Another great source of good healthy oils that will nourish your heart and brain are Squid and Krill oil which is extremely healthy. It is now being shown in science that olive oil, and other healthy oils like squid and krill oil and protect against and even reverse alzheimers.

Sugars. Soda should be completely avoided because most soda in the USA is now using high fructose corn syrup which wrecks your insulin and WILL cause diabetes. You even have to be careful with the products that say ‘real sugar’. Really all that is code for us GMO beet sugar. In reality if it has high fructose corn syrup stay away. Sugars are not bad but I do recommend to stay away from eating sugars in the morning or evening. If you do eat something sweet then use organic sugar, organic raw honey from the USA, or just do without. I know a lot of people like to have sugar in their coffee and I actually learned to enjoy a cup of coffee with just a tablespoon of organic cold pressed coconut oil and a splash of organic whole milk to take the bitterness off the coffee. If you still can’t get by on that then consider using a spoonful of honey for sweetener over sugar.

Exercise. The general principle is that you want to at least try to work out with weights if possible and your bodyweight if not possible three times a week. Free weight squats, deadlifts and bench press are good compound exercises to start with. Try to let your workouts range from 30-50 minutes depending on your rest in between your sets. This is weight training. For those that would like to supplement their normal weight training or just do something else I suggest doing this exercise every day. It only takes about 15 minutes. Pace workout.

Plastics. There is a plastic epidemic that is leeching chemicals into everything we eat or drink. Many of these plastics have chemicals that disrupt our hormones and thyroid. Try to use glass when possible and stay away from plastic straws. Even food can liners and soda can liners are lined with body disrupting plastic chemicals.

Soy. Soy boosts estrogen in your body which is the hormone that women need to be womanly. Now too much estrogen is bad for women too because it throws your hormones out of balance but it is very damaging for men. Things like plastics and food and drinks containing soy need to be avoided at all costs.

Water. The public water everywhere is now contaminated with all kinds of heavy metals, fluoride that reduces IQ in children and affects your brain, and even a slew of pharmaceuticals. Even bottle water contains chemicals from plastics, bacterias, and possibly fluoride making it a more expensive but still bad choice. Everyone should consider purchasing a quality water filter for their homes. I personally like Propur and Big Berkey. Anything from them is going to come with a high quality water filter that will filter about everything.

Air. If you really want to get particular you can get an indoor air filter. Most modern products from furniture to drywall to paints have chemicals leeching out of them and into your home. Dusts, and molds and fungus’ also can be lurking in the air. It is recommended to open the windows in your home for 15 minutes everyday to let fresh air in. Having an air filter can help make sure you have clean air in your home and also while you sleep at night. I like some of the hextio air filters but there are may other good ones out there.

Additional supplements. We highly recommend everyone supplement daily with these vitamins. Squid oil, Krill oil, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Ubiquinol, PQQ, Curcumin, Magnesium, Astaxanthin & Zeaxanthin, and if you want to get more protein in your diet but you can’t eat more consider a good protein supplement.

As we know from the Scriptures that physical exercise does profit a little and does not compare to keeping our Spirit man healthy but if our body is sick and weak we will not be able to serve God as effectively as we should to go places and do the things he wants of us. The Apostle Paul did continue “To live is Christ and to die is gain” We want to try to be healthy in our bodies to serve Christ with our best. God Bless Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

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