Bon Secours Maryview

Darlene finally has her appointment set to get her kidney biopsy. It has been a long road to get here considering she initially had her problems back around Thanksgiving. We have been able to tell some others already that we have received a bit a good news that when she got her last test’s it was revealed that the levels of protein in her blood were back down to normal. This is very good news because when the kidneys can’t filter all the way because they are damaged it leads to protein getting through and that continues to damage her body. So what this shows is that the medication that she has been on is working however there has been a whole slew of negative side effects with all this medication.

We know that God has a plan, a plan for good and not evil, and that we can trust him and know that he is allowing all this for a reason. We know that even though it is tough and frustrating at times that it is going to work out in the end for the best, the Lord knows why even if he doesn’t reveal his plan to us. Please pray for Darlene as she will go to Bon Secours Maryview tomorrow the 21st at 11am for her biopsy. We pray for a smooth operation and that no complications will arise. There is a week or two recovery period afterwards and for the first few days she won’t be able to do anything. The main thing is that we are anxious to hear the results and give the specialists a better picture about how exactly to tune the medications and treatment.

Pray for Darlene because she really has been through a lot these past few years with health issues. When we left China she was battling with many different types of food allergies and other allergies, many of which were a result of living in years of terrible pollution. We knew the costs and still believe it is worth it because of all the people we were able to see come to Christ and the many believers we were able to disciple to be a powerful force for Christ in the world. But then to now get hit with this just a year into our latest trip back to Thailand was an initial shock and blow to us but I know it must have been hard for Darlene seeing she has been bearing the burdens of health issues for some time now. Please pray for her to continue to run strong and trust in God. Pray for her and plead to the Lord to shower her with his Love and comfort.

Thank you all so much for your support, you know who you are! God will always give us back more than we can give to others but we are blessed to have such wonderful brothers and sisters in our lives. Thanks again.

In Jesus name, Amen!