Thank you for praying for Darlene

We just wanted to issue a quick thanks to everyone who was praying for Darlene. It is a huge relief for her to get this kidney biopsy done and not have it hanging over her anymore. We have been waiting almost 3 months to get this done. It was a quick procedure and she hasn’t had any complications or infections as a result. They had her stay overnight for observation and she will check out at noon today.

They have to send it out to Chapel Hill, NC and it will take about a week to get the results. She is glad to get this done finally because she will know exactly what stage she is of kidney damage and this will help the doctors better determine the course to fine tune her medication in the induction phase of treatment. I also want to thank all the brothers and sisters and church family who has been a great encouragement and treated me and my little buddy so well during this time as well.

Another bit of good news is that we got our new prayer cards in the mail today! They look great and we got a huge discount on these. We think it is a better card because we didn’t have the website before so with this new simple format it is easy to direct people to the website that has all our updates and contact information. We look forward to giving you all updates soon to let you know a little bit more about what we have been doing and what we are praying about.

Before I go, I wanted to share with you an excellent allegory I came across as follows:

“God is preparing you for your next level. Sometimes He positions you in work environments and in places that are challenging, stressful, and frustrating and irritating to build your character. Yes, it doesn’t feel good but it’s for your good! If you can’t handle the small things… What makes you believe you can handle the bigger things. God is teaching you something in the midst of discomfort and chaos. You’re learning patience, tolerance, self control, leadership, communication, and so many other great qualities. The process isn’t meant to be enjoyable and a walk in Disney land. Before a vase becomes a beautiful masterpiece it first must be clay. The clay goes through a rigorous process: molding, cutting and trimming, and fired at a high temperature to mature the clay, then to be sanded, grinded, and polished. All these steps are very tedious but the end result is magnificent in the hands of the Master. Don’t abort the process! Don’t quit! Be excited about your future! God has something in store for you!”

We will keep you all posted! Please continue to follow us.

In Jesus name Amen!