Chinese Lecture

Praise God for the invitation to give a lecture on a college campus to Chinese professor’s and students just recently. I was honored that God had arranged this opportunity because he knows that I have so much I want to share and a passion to get his Word of truth to the whole world. I still sit in awe of his greatness when I think about how many times in history he has taken a man/woman from humble beginnings and rose them to be his witness in places that they never could have dreamed. It was especially a good opportunity in the sense that there were many non believers attending

When I became a Christian at 21 years of age I never dreamed that I would ever be anywhere outside of the Southeastern NC/VA area. Back then I thought that God wanted me to continue to grow my roofing/construction business and to continue to be his witness locally. I still remember the day clearly when I came home from work and sat in silence to pray and meditate on HIS greatness in my life. Like a clear quiet voice in my hear that caused me to be overcome with peace and joy the words “You are going to be a missionary in China” came to my heart.

Our family was able to serve there for 10 years faithfully. This fruit is still being seen today as many that we have lead to Christ, discipled or Churches we helped to start or build with are still going strong and are being HIS faithful witnesses. It is an honor because while we have been back there has been a huge increase, a number that I think many would not believe if you told them of Chinese that have immigrated to the USA this past decade. Years ago we would have never expected to have so many opportunities to witness to Chinese in the USA.

Here are a few things that you can help us pray for:

  1. Pray for Darlene’s health. Her latest test results from the other day were just a little worse than the last one a month ago. We were hoping for a continued path to recovery and it seems she is at a roadblock. She is close to where she needs to be but it is not enough. She recently suffered a bad bladder infection that caused her to have to go to the hospital and get diagnosed which was treated with antibiotics. She is doing better with that not but is suddenly having one of the many side effects of her medication that she hasn’t before, Insomnia. She hasn’t been able to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time and is constantly tired during the day because of this.
  2. Pray for our schooling. We are trying to finish a Master’s degree in Education from Liberty University. We have five classes remaining. We start soon on May 13th and will take three classes this summer semester leaving us two behind. We had to borrow this money from a family member and will have to pay this back somehow in the future. We really need to complete this because for us to have a future in international missions we are going to need qualifications to be able to live and work and get a visa in country. Long gone are the days of Americans just being able to show up and live long term as tourists or students in other countries. The power of the American passport and the increased immigration restrictions around the world have increased drastically these past ten years. So we consider this move purely as a necessity and essential to future mission service.
  3. We are still praying about direction. If Carlene’s health is good enough by the end of the year we are praying about taking a trip to Panama. We have been praying about if God want’s us to go to Panama to plant a Chinese church there. The interesting thing about this is that years ago we prayed and considered going to Panama to reach the large Chinese diaspora in Panama.
  4. Brother Vince. There is a guy I have been meeting with in the jail ministry for the past few months. Myself and a few other brothers try to make it out there every Saturday and talk with the guys there for a couple hours. We each decide where we want to go and divide up accordingly. Brother Vince got some good news that the State has no evidence against him and if they don’t come up with any he will perhaps be released in July. He has been talking a lot lately about getting into the ministry. He has also expressed an interest in learning a language and doing missions work. The area he is at has a large hispanic population from those working on the farms in the area. We are praying for God’s wisdom and direction about how to assist this brother to be led in the direction God is putting on his heart and also to try to provide him some accountability. Lord willing we may try to get him plugged into a local Spanish speaking church and see where it leads.
  5. Pray for increased support and partnerships. Even though we are back in the US and Darlene is getting treatment we are still open to potential mission partnerships. This could be in the form of local missions, missions training, or even overseas missions trips together to Thailand, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Panama, etc. Pray about what the Lord is putting on YOUR heart in this regard. Or perhaps you would generously like to help us in our time of need. We do need help to get by with our day by day expenses which aren’t much. Our family of three only needs about $600/month to get by. But driving to visit churches, driving to go to witnessing or discipleship opportunities and just paying for basic bills are a challenge between Darlene not being able to work, us homeschooling our son together, trying to do ministry, paying to finish our degree, and trying to save and build for future missions. We are so grateful for the brothers and sisters for all of you who have loved on us and done what you can to be there for us!

In Jesus name, Amen!