Summer of Service

How will you spend your summer? Working, vacations, spending time with family? While those are all important it is more important than ever that we remember the lost that are around us everyday. What are your gifts? What is your passion? How do you like to bless others? Can you cook a hog and bless your neighbors with a BBQ plate in Jesus name? Does the old widow in the neighborhood need some help with yard work? Is there a young man who is having trouble at home or in school? Is there a skill you could teach in Jesus name? Could we use our profitable business to help support missionaries getting the word out to the world? It’s time for us to think out of the box and use our situation and the spiritual gift God has given us to bless others around us to be a witness and to bless our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Don’t let the news channel or facebook or some TV program tell you what to think, what to believe, or how to feel. Leave that up to the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to dictate who you are in HIM!Press forward no matter your situation to be a life long learner. Not just in the word of God but everything you put your time and effort towards.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 

2 Timothy 2:15

Things are starting to get busy for us. First, Darlene received her latest results the other week and she hasn’t gotten any better since the last test the previous month. We are hoping the next test has better results that will finally lead her into the target range where she can lower her medication some and try to get back to normal. Next, she had a slight complication one night that caused us to have to go to the hospital but things have worked out since then. Most days she is in pain in her body and joints and has to fight the constant fatigue she is in. She looks fine from the outside many days but I know she is trying to put on a happy face when she is in pain sometimes. It is a very difficult situation we are in because we homeschool. With myself having to pick up a good amount of the work she was doing. I can tell in some ways we are wearing our welcome thin at our families homes. They have been very generous to let us come and go these past 6 months but there has been times of friction. We continue to pray, continue to trust God, and continue to try to joyfully follow his will daily.

Finally, we have just started our summer semester at Liberty University. We are taking three classes this summer and will only have two remaining in the fall to finish. We thank the Lord we were able to find someone to borrow the money from interest free, of course we will have to pay it back somehow but it is better than paying for student loans at a 6% interest rate after graduation. This will set us back about $12,000 by the end of the fall. For my plans personally so far there are a few things that I have planned. I have a few speaking events planned for this summer. I will be speaking at a college again to Chinese professors and college students, I will be speaking at a Church in NC this summer, I may be doing some teaching at a local house church here in Virginia, I will continue to do the Saturday jail ministry in NC when I am in town. There is a chance we will be working with a brother that may be getting out of jail this summer to continue his discipleship, accountability and help his transition to society and to his new life and service in Christ. Praise God, he sustains even in the midst of the trials! Please contact us anytime, we would love to hear from any one of you reading this blog. If God is putting on your heart to partner with us in ministry in some way then we would be more than happy to have you aboard!

In Jesus name, AMEN!