We want to start by saying thank you to all our Church partners who have proven themselves REAL brothers and sisters in Christ and have continued to be there for us in loving support through thick and thin. We have seen your love firsthand towards us and to all those in the Churches and communities you minister to. That is what real Christian life looks like and what the body of Christ should look like. It has been a little while so we would like to share with you some updates and prayer requests. Darlene continues her slow path to recovery. The doctors have not let her reduce her medication as of yet but as a result of her last test this last month they told her that her Lupus is calming down. This is a good sign that slow but positive progress is being made. We are hoping that if her protein levels are low enough next month they will let her lower her medication which fully transitions her to the maintenance phase and means things are under control for the most part.

We are planning to take a short mission trip to Panama at the end of Sept. for about a week and a half. We have been praying about this for a while but Carlene’s health has not allowed us to attempt this trip. We will be connecting with a good brother we know that lives there who is from Ecuador to talk more and pray researching the possibility of helping start a Christian school there. We are also going to research the state of the large Chinese diaspora community in Panama as well as the current outlook of new immigrants from China to Panama. We will be praying about and researching possible future engagement and outreach efforts including potential church planting among this community. Lord willing according to Carlene’s health continuing to get better this will also give us time to research many aspects of the living situation we would expect in this area. Any move for us would still be in the future as we would want to finish our degree program first.

We just finished a grueling summer semester with Liberty University online. Darlene and I both are attending the same degree program and we now only have two classes remaining to complete our next Master’s degree in Education (Instructional design and technology). We are hoping to possibly take a class this winter and maybe do our thesis to finish at the start of 2020. Lord willing.

I thank God for the brothers I have the pleasure with going to the jail on Saturday’s to minister with. I not only enjoy the brotherhood with them but also the inmates, many of whom have no good influences in their lives or hope to see them change into disciples of Christ that can be a benefit and not a bane to society. I mentioned before that it is a shame about how we can have better conversations about the Bible with criminals than we can with a great majority of people out in everyday life. How God is so easily forgotten when there is no need for him.

I labeled the title “Networking” because we have been doing some good important networking lately. Even when we are not able to directly attend the Bible Studies with the Chinese college students and professors when we are not in town. I have still be able to join in additional studies held in group conferencing chats through the internet to hold Chinese bible studies with another good Chinese brother of mine. We are studying the book of Revelation at the moment.

Concerning “Networking” we have an important pray request. I have applied for a temporary job position with no expectation about the outcome but would help aid the Missionhog by greatly expanding our connections and partnerships, as well as give us a platform to spread a well needed message of unity and boldness for Christ. We are living in dark days, and days that try men’s souls. I have begun to truly see that what the Church allows and grows apathetic too becomes the norm in everyday society.

The Church is societies first line of defense because we are in a Spiritual war. The Church needs to unite and to stop compromising with the world, evil people, and the lusts thereof.

Lord willing I will be allowed if He sees fit. Regardless I trust in HIM and have no expectation otherwise.

In Jesus name! Amen. We love you all and that you again for your loving kindness you have shown us, you will be eternally rewarded and we are forever thankful.