Vulnerable and needing warriors for Christ

Hello from Panama City, Panama. This is a great opportunity for us. It was a last minute trip to come handle some important business with a brother here and consider our future here. With so many things still be unclear and the slow but steady improvement in Darlene’s situation she was able to stock up on all her medications at the right time and we could not pass up the lowest ticket prices we have ever seen. Stewardship was important in this case as we were originally considering to try to come here in December but found the tickets twice as expensive.

Help us to pray about a future mission here. We call this an un-glorious mission trip. The reason being is that there is no agenda for big evangelism outreaches or things of that nature. In missions work, there is a lot of logistic and prior research done before a project is undertaken. So we are still in the “boring” stages of this project. However, we have already had a great chance to witness to a guy who used to be a youth pastor yet fell away into sin. As we learned of these things we were able to witness to him that it is never too late to return to his first love in Christ. He was almost crying and seemed very encouraged.

We are praying about possibly engaging the extremely large Chinese-Panamanian community Chinese in Panama. I lot of groundwork and research has to be done in advance. There is a very fast growing new immigrant community coming here from mainland China as well. We are also praying about the logistics of how we would live and support ourselves here. One idea is to open a Christian education service or school. That would probably only be a possibility after some language study on the ground as well as possibly taking a job first to get established.

But we want to share a real issue. This is where we really need our prayer warriors. Darlene and our family in particular have been under intense spiritual attacks where the enemy has been using particular people among friends and family from her past to cause us great harm. The threats we face are grave and the extent of the situation is really gut wrenching. We can’t go into details of the exact issues but please know we are begging for your prayers and to support us emotionally at this time. I thank God for the wisdom and discernment to become aware of these covert attacks I did not know about which we are working to turn hard to God as our protector and surround ourselves in his righteous presence.

Please, the threats are real to our family and we need your prayers. This can not be overstated. Cry out to God to help protect his servants. We love you all. In Jesus Holy Name! Amen!