Panama Recap #1

Hello fellow Christian soldiers!

We recently returned back safely from our roughly 2 week trip to Panama. We had no idea what to expect during this time but needless to say it was 100% beneficial and we saw the Lord working in a few areas. We first just have to begin by saying “What is it with those in youth Pastor positions and the propensity for evil?”. Of course we are not going to dare make a blanket statement but we do want to say this.

If you are considering a youth Pastor for your own church, please, please thoroughly examine them. There is something about this position that includes intense spiritual warfare. It probably has something to do with Satan putting his best efforts and specialists into attacking those in positions that can affect the next generation and youth in general. Much more training and preparation needs to go into those considering to enter these positions to understand they are entering the front lines against dark spiritual forces to battle for the souls of youth.

Not long ago my wife Darlene was telling me about someone she knew that she grew up with and went to church with whose brother was a youth Pastor and recently was arrested for child pornography. Of course like many of the stories, nobody suspected or knew anything like this could ever happen. As we were in Panama we had to deal with a dangerous situation with my wife Darlene’s old youth Pastor from her old church as a teenager. The man turned out to be a dangerous evil person and a stalker and we had to deal with that while we were in Panama and are still trying to finish dealing with the extent of it while we have returned. We are trying our best to notify and warn any potential people affected by him or that need to know about him and his actions, the extent of which I can not go into full detail.

I high note however was a situation we ran into on one of our first days in Panama. In Panama, many people are always trying to sell you something if you are walking by their shops. Darlene was needing some items for her skin because she has skin problems as a result of her kidney problems and all the medication she is on. She was drawn to a particular shop and when chatting with the representative somehow the guy caught on and asked if she was a Christian. He said “I could tell you are different by the way you are talking” and then mentioned that he used to be a youth Pastor. During that time he said that he was all about Christ until he fell for a young girl and fell into the slippery slope of lust and sin and eventually had a child with her. Soon after it didn’t work out between them and he had a few more bad relationships as he drifted away from Christ and the ministry. He expressed his shame towards his actions years ago. Darlene offered some very encouraging words to him about how it is never too late to turn back to Christ and rekindle the relationship with Him. He was moved very much and tears filled his eyes, you could tell it was just what he needed to hear and he seemed very encouraged and a bit energized to start moving back in the right direction towards Christ. It was obvious the Lord had us at the right time, the right place, and with the right person. We have his contact to follow up with him in the future.

I will end the post here for now but give more details about our possible future plans and this trip in our next post. Please keep praying for us as we are in a difficult time and dealing with many struggles at the moment. Regardless, no matter how tough things get it is always a joy to serve someone in need to point them to the only one that can save the soul, our Lord Jesus Christ!