510(c)(3) Update

Why are we doing what we do? It’s all about following the calling of Christ and helping others to find and express their gifts as members of the universal Church for the glory of Christ and preaching His salvation to the lost. Please watch Francis Chan’s quick video on why he left his megachurch “Why I left my megachurch” A wake up call to the Church? It really isn’t a revolutionary concept and is just the way Churches operated back in the days of the early Church as well as how many Churches operate today in foreign countries. We have followed those same principles he is sharing here in countries abroad for over a decade. We have shared before about these things to some local Churches in the past but our words fell on deaf ears.

Praise God! We have officially finished our 501(c)(3) paperwork. This means that the Missionhog is an official non-profit charitable organization. We expected another couple weeks for the paperwork to finish but praise God it was finished much faster than we expected. The next step is to open a bank account. We have already found a good bank to use and plan to visit a branch on Monday to try to open the account. What is the final step? The last step is for us to file our form 1023EZ with the IRS to apply for tax exemption status. This means that all deductions to the Missionhog will receive a tax deduction. To those reading this blog. If you are considering applying for tax exemption for a 501(c)(3) as a Church which will employ a Pastor as an employee then I would recommend against it? Why? Because men of God need to be able to speak the truth on issues in government and politics today and should not be shackled to speak against these truths. It is ironic that I go to many Churches and tell them that in China they are banned from preaching on certain topics and you can see the shock on their faces, yet they do not blink and eye when you mention that Americans are forbidden from preaching on certain topics today such as important political issues that affect us all. See the irony? Is something wrong with this picture?

“All over the country Church members are complaining about what is happening in government, with political policies, and the negative effects it is having on our society yet our Churches have willingly allowed themselves to become powerless to speak against these evils because through the intentional plan to shackle them by tax exemption handcuffs.” (Missionhog, 2020)

If you have time you should check out Christopher Johnson who has an interesting take and created a Youtube series called “501(c)(3) the Devil’s Church”. Now let me give a disclaimer, I am not saying I believe or agree with everything he has to say but it is well worth it to listen to and consider things about your own situation. There are questions to be asked. Has the Church chosen money over the ability to speak truth? The Bible speak many times against the God of Mammon. I personally believe this to be the greatest idol Americans face today. Most Americans worship the God of Mammon, the God of materialism and it has become a great abominable idol in the hearts of Christians and of the Church. I believe that Pastor’s should start speaking on these issues even if it means that they need to retract the tax exemption and pay taxes. What is the difference between what we are trying to do? The difference is that the Missionhog does not have a Pastor in a pulpit like a Church. We are focused on evangelism, discipleship, and Mission sending efforts. Well what about what Francis Chan said in the video link above? We are a Mission organization not a local Church. We maximize donations and effectiveness without compromising on our message and work so it works in this sense.

Donations are needed to cover travel funds, material distribution, and other logistical expenses involved with supporting traveling Missionaries locally and abroad. It is a shame that most that are out serving Christ have to become despised beggars in order to accomplish the task God has put in their hearts. Even locally, what is one to do when a local inmate at a jail ministry asks for a study Bible or other books for discipleship? This happens all the time and can easily cost $50 a week, not to mention the additional $10 in gas roundtrip it takes to get to the jail. What if more than one inmate needs materials? Who pays for this $60/week expense? Let’s not even talk about trips abroad where you are looking at $1,000 expense just to pay for plane tickets for a family. We aren’t talking about the waste of big organizations that flush millions of dollars down the toilet every year. While most Church members today will gladly drop $50,000 on a new pickup truck, $1,000 on a new OLED flatscreen to watch the ball game on TV, or $100 at a restaurant on one meal, where are the resources coming from to get the Gospel of Christ out to the lost? Yet we complain about what is happening in society today? What are our priorities today as Christians and the Church? We are willing to suffer and sacrifice until the end because we know what judgement awaits us for our faithfulness. However, others play a dangerous game with God, only fooling themselves of the judgement to come. Let your wealth be used as a witness FOR CHRIST, not a witness against you!

“Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.” (James 5:3, KJV)

I don’t know if you remember or not but in 2013 there was a big IRS scandal where they were caught intentionally holding up many tax exemption approvals. As a result, this caused Congress to create the 1023EZ which streamlined approval for small startup non-profits. This will benefit a small startup non-profit like us as we have heard that approvals have been granted in as little as just four weeks. The other good news is that it is not necessary to wait. Meaning, as long as there is an offical 501(c)(3) and we can finish opening the account for the Missionhog, donations can be received and will be counted as a tax exempt on your next years taxes. As long as the Missionhog receives tax exempt approval in 2019 then all donations will be tax exempt for 2019.

Please continue to pray and support us as we are going through some big transitions at the moment. A few things to pray about for us.

1. To continue to be grateful to God even in the midst of suffering and trials.

2. Holy Spirit leading concerning work, projects, and other partnerships that God may want us to get involved with.

3. Darlene’s health. She will get her latest blood test results this week. We are hoping that if the results are good that the Dr. may lower some of the steroid medications which have been causing some intense side effects at times.

4. God’s favor on our lives. That he will bless our personal witness to the lost and in making disciples. Also, to bless us by placing more true brothers and sisters in Christ to unite with for His glory.

Other than that, we have some very interesting updates and stories to share but we will wait until next week to share some of those. Do you want more or less gospel witnessing in the world? Please make a donation if you want MORE gospel witness in the world to help us continue to travel the places we do in order to share the Gospel of Christ and help to train His disciples. In Jesus name, Amen!