China Coronavirus Outbreak

You can check the live update here. As of now there are 2,019 cases reported and 56 deaths. People are starting to panic. We have spoken with many brothers and sisters that are saying that people are panicking as cities are getting locked down, supplies are flying off the shelves, and important items such as N95 face masks are sold out and now even being sold at 10x the normal price. What is the Coronavirus? Basically it is a virus that call fall under the category of a common cold. When people hear of a cold they do not realize that this could be caused by any number of types of viruses. If you do not think this is serious, you are wrong. Read one of the latest stories here

Over the years we have heard of SARS, H1N1, and MERS. Something that a lot of these viruses have in common is that they cause what is called a cytokine storm. This means your immune systems gets overactive. Basically what people need to do in advance that are staying in risky areas is the following. Many of the recommendations are things that can help lower the risk of the cytokine storm. This is by no means a cure all but some basic preventative protection measures that is reasonable for most average people to do to be prepared.

1. Wash your hands often with anti-microbial soap and dry them thoroughly with a clean towel or air dryer.

2. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth.

3. Wear a N95 mask outside. Be sure there are no gaps in the mask that contact your face.

4. Stay away from large gatherings of people, sick people, and limit going outside.

5. Eat organic fruits and vegetables and drink lots of clean filtered water. Stay away from fried foods.

6. Drink a lot of green tea.

7. Eat a lot of garlic, peanuts, grapes.

8. Increase vitamin intake of Vitamins C, D3, K2, astragalus, and turmeric

9. Avoid eating chocolate, all sugars, seaweeds, and colloidal silver.

10. Some form of moderate exercise at least 5 times a week.

11. Pray for protection from God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ.

At the bottom of the map is Wuhan which is the ground zero city and now locked down. We have worked with a house church there that is on a college campus. Most of the house churches and brothers and sisters we have worked with over the years are towards the top half of the map in all those areas. Many are contacting us saying that people are starting to panic and that it is already too late to find many things as stores are being stripped from people stocking up because of the worries over it spreading into their city next. We are considering to put together some care packages that are filled with a bulk pack of N95 masks as well as some bottles of vitamins C, D3, and K2.

We are trying to raise funds now to prepare at least 7 of these packages that can each be sent to a different house church. The vitamins will go to the Pastor and his immediate family and the N95 masks can be distributed to brothers and sisters in need at the church. This is an urgent project so please donate as soon as possible so we can buy the supplies and ship them over so they can receive them in advance of any additional spread and city lockdowns. Please remember your brothers and sisters in China, not just because of this current situation that they are facing but because they have already been under intense pressure these past years for their faith.

Would you be willing to help?

Please email us at for instructions about mailing a tax deductible donation for this project. May God richly bless you for your generosity.

“But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?” (1 John 3:17, KJV)