Donate to send China care packages

We are going to try to get these packed up and shipped out tomorrow. We were very surprised to find out that even around here all the bulk packs of 20 or 30 of masks were all sold out. We tried quite a few stores and the workers told us that people have been coming in from the big cities and buying them in bulk. What?! Very surprising to say the least. I asked why and they said that they were stocking up for the virus. I sincerely hope these aren’t those same types of people who take advantage of people in a crisis who buy out the supplies only to sell them at a huge mark up in a disaster. That has always really rubbed me the wrong way seeing people take advantage of people in need. If it keeps moving in this direction I feel sorry for the working men who actually need to buy these for their work and might be facing a huge shortage soon. Let’s pray that the virus doesn’t spread here in the US like it has in China.

But this is our concern right now. Our brothers and sisters in China have nothing right now. The current tally is 2,886 cases with 81 deaths. There are reports now saying that most patients are infecting 2 or 3 more. With a population of 1.4 billion people there are probably only hundreds of thousands to millions of these N95 masks available. (Update 1/27/20 9:20 pm) Cases have almost doubled overnight. Henan province where we are sending the care packages is now #2 on the list and because of their huge population I believe it may shoot up much much more unfortunately.

People are afraid to go outside now and almost everything is closed down. Food, vitamins and other goods have already been stripped bare for the most part. Supplies are going to be scarce. This will get even worse if the virus continues to spread even more. This is why there is an urgency to try to get care packages to them as quickly as possible. Shipping usually takes 7-10 days but who knows what type of logistic issues they have going on now if people are not working like normal. Nevertheless we must try. We are trying to beat the clock before they shut down Henan as well. If you want to share your love to your Chinese brothers and sisters please make a donation here and this will help us to offset the costs as well as to purchase and send more if we can in time. Most of all please pray. In Jesus name. Amen!