Donate to Help Fight the Coronavirus

Will you help to make a donation in the fight against the Coronavirus? One of the best things we can do to help prevent the spread of this virus is to educate and make sure everyone that is at risk has what they need to try to keep them from exposure. The less people that are exposed, the less transmissions there will be as a result.

The problem now is the great domestic lack of supplies which has caused so many to rely on the generosity of others or strangers to help them. What if you were in the same situation? Would you want someone to be kind hearted and generous so that you could have access to the supplies you need? We will continue to buy, prepare, and send care packages of face masks and vitamins according to the resources available. As we are a new, small non-profit please be as generous as possible to help in these efforts.

May God richly bless all those who are generously sacrificing to help others.