China Care Packages

Thank you to everyone that has supported the relief efforts to send packages so far to China for relief efforts. Things have changed rapidly since we began this relief effort. First is that it is getting increasingly difficult to source supplies. However, praise God that we still have sources to tap into. No we can not share what this is because if we do so in a public fashion this supplies will be raided immediately. So the good news is that there is still available packages that need to be supported, prepared, and sent. Will you help to donate and support this effort?


Checks made payable to: MISSIONHOG INC., P.O. Box 564, Hubert NC, 28539

The real challenge is that with more cities shutting down and quarantining it has now caused at least one of our packages to get held up from being delivered. It will get delivered eventually but we just hope it is not too late. What is concerning is that we spoke to this same Pastor just last week who mentioned that there was a Coronavirus outbreak in his neighborhood. We are doing this to show our love and support for our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ as part of the greater body of Christ. What if you and your family were in the same position?

There are many house Church believers and the Pastors that we have not been able to help as of yet because of the lack of resources towards these efforts. It is our hope that these care packages can help aid the local Christians to be safe and healthy but also that they will be encouraged to share the wonderful gift of hope, forgiveness, and eternal life in Christ alone. This is a great opportunity not only for the Chinese church to help others see that having a belief in yourself, or in man period is useless; and that only belief in Christ can give us what we truly need. May the be bold in their witness during this time and may God protect them.

We know in the book of James that he talks about what it is to have faith. The funny thing about faith is that most people think that faith is something that based on nothing. That is wrong. The Bible clearly states that faith has evidence, and the evidence of things not seen.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1, KJV)

What is the evidence? The evidence is that God has already proven himself to man multiple times throughout history. Man has received the direct evidence that God is real and exists over and over and that still exists even today when we see how he can change hearts and lives. The Apostle James also states that our faith without good works as evidence is dead and useless. Do we really believe? Then our actions should back up the things we say we believe. Finally, this quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer is very suitable for this situation. Faith without works is more than just being a dead faith, it really demonstrates our willing disobedience to God and his will and purpose for our lives.