China Care Packages Update

Praise God that some of the care packages are starting to arrive. As we have shipped to many different areas and cities, some of which are on lockdown it might take a little bit longer to receive than others. It is such a blessing to be able to be there for our extended family in Christ to help supply their needs. However, it is a bit sad when we hear from them about those that they know who are begging them for face masks once they find out they have received some.

We received word that another bigger package just arrived last night at the local post office in another city. Hopefully they will be able to receive it as soon as possible. Once again thanks to all the wonderful brothers and sisters and Churches who have generously and faithfully participated so far in these efforts. Please considering giving a generous donation. If not to the China care package outrech then to some of our other current ministries.

1. China care packages (Pacakages include bulk N95 masks and quality vitamins for Pastor’s and their family).

2. West Virginia materials: We have been sending care packages to new believer and non believers in hard hit areas that are economically disadvantaged. (Packages include NLT Bibles, Beginner topical Bible study materials, and a big bag of sweet/salty trail mix).

3. Church training: This helps to offset travel expenses as we travel to Churches in need to provide evangelism and missions training.

4. Evangelism and outreach: We are actively involved in a variety of outreach projects. From homeless outreach, to partnering with local brothers and sisters to do strategic neighborhood evangelism, to jail ministry. These outreach efforts require funding for travel expenses, food costs, clothing costs, and costs for purchasing Bibles and other Christian resources.

The question we must ask ourselves is do we want MORE Christian witnesses out in our communities or LESS? Experience your true purpose and higher calling by being a generous giver that is focused on storing up eternal treasure in heaven so that the Word of salvation in Christ alone may be preached to the lost. In Jesus name, Amen!


Checks made payable to: MISSIONHOG INC., P.O. Box 564, Hubert NC, 28539