It’s a Lifestyle

Hello Brothers and Sisters in the race. What do we mean “It’s a lifestyle”. We sure aren’t talking about any of this crazy nonsense today people are using to justify some sinful practice in their life they know is wrong. What we mean is that the Christian life is about waking up every morning, focusing on the voice of the Holy Spirit, and going out to start a new day by being intentional and without compromise in your witness. Just recently we were at a midweek service at a Church in town here. We really love they way they do things there. They have an hour of prayer and then have an hour for Bible study. That hour of prayer beforehand is so nice. You arrive perhaps a bit weary from the day but you have ample time to give it to God and get recharged in Spirit. Then you get to get in the Word in a refreshed and focused state. The wonderful thing about this particular Church and this Bible study is that they aren’t just going through the Bible, they focus on Bible study that focuses on equipping the saints for ministry. Be praying for the Missionhog and we work on intentional outreach strategies to share the Gospel with every home in some of the disadvantaged neighborhoods of our community. Are you or your Church interested to hear more details? Email me at or call me at 910-382-1846 and please don’t feel awkward about doing so if we don’t know you. We welcome anyone with a heart to serve Christ.

“What opportunities are you going to put in my life today to be a witness for you and to bless you God?”

Think about it? If the life of Christ was to serve and be a blessing to man by the love of God then should we as Christians should do the same. The word Christ-ian means Christ-like, to be like Christ. If we are not living and acting like Christ in our lives then we should remove the “I am a Christian” lable from our lives. We can say we are a believer in Jesus, although the scriptures say the demons also believe and tremble. Sometimes we get even worse because we say we believe yet don’t even flinch in his holy prescence.

Even more so, not long ago I was in a Church and the Pastor kept on preaching about “How many of us are ready to get God’s blessings”. I understand what he is saying but at the same time how come I never hear Pastor’s preach about us being a blessing to God, instead it tends to be us always getting something from God. Is it not more blessed to give than to receive? Then why are we always focused on receiving something from God instead of us trying to be a blessing to God with our lives. We know that we can’t outgive God so you think that if we had a change of mindset to be intentional about blessing God that in return he is not going to bless us as well? It’s not manipulating God because he knows our hearts if we are doing it with a sincere and Spirit filled purpose.

Stay tuned in, we have quite a few good updates to share about the China care package project, our West Virginia outreach project and follow up discipleship, a funny evangelism experience we recently had, and general updates about our family. Thank you so much for the prayer and support, especially those who continue to live selfless lives in this selfish world. Because we know that the Bible says he who loves the world is an enemy of God. May we renew our focus at the start of every day to fight against these Satanic manipulations and distractions. In Jesus name, Amen!

Finally, the China care package project is still ongoing. Unfortunately, there are still a few house Churches that we know that have no resources and we can’t provide them any assitance because there just are no remaining resources on our end. If you are reading this and you want to help strenghten a Pastor and his family; alongside the brothers and sisters in their Church in the midst of this dangerous virus outbreak we still have an immediate need for $500 to accomplish this. If you would like to donate to this effort you can through the following:


Checks made payable to: MISSIONHOG INC., P.O. Box 564, Hubert NC, 28539

Our affiliated bookstore is also available if you need to purchase resources at the same great prices yet will also donate to the Missionhog ministry.