Remember Lazarus?

Hello to the Missionhog family. We are sorry for the delay in posting. I was finally able to figure out what kept causing the site to crash whenever I tried to upload new photos and it turned out to be a bad plugin. Aside from this, all of us are well aware of the limitations we have faced in the current situation. Travel, visitation, and general contact has been hindered but thank God for creative opportunities in the midst. Even though the jails have been closed for visitation we have been blessed to be able to write and receive letters to some inmates that we have been pouring into the past months. As for others the phone has done a good job of keeping us in touch with those that we have been in discipleship meetings together.

Limitations just mean that God is trying to give you time to focus on opportunities in other places.” (Missionhog, 2020)

We have been happy to partner with a local church to help a little with food delivery outreach to those in need, had some opportunities to witness to and help some homeless in Virginia, and also we have been blessed with enough support to start running some trials with the chicken coop ministry. We have been running trials to try to maximize the cost/ease of maintenance that we hope if we can raise enough support and interest will be used to target a wider body of those low income families who need options for food security. Think about Lazarus, think about the rich man?Should we who are blessed materially in this world be throwing crumbs and scraps to the lowly? What is the purpose in life? To live a life of comfort and ease just to leave it all behind and face judgement? As for the chicken coops these can easily turn into neighborhood projects as well and can be used as a platform for a gospel witness. Have you seen the price of eggs lately? Yes, this is a timely idea. These same domes can also be covered in plastic if not for chicken coops but to make greenhouses to grow fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

We are working on hatching black australorp chicks at the moment and while things do take time, better sometime than never at all. We like to talk about being independent and what ends up happening is that we become so independent that we also become independent from God. We need to have the mindset to drive ourselves towards independence individually to operate in the strengths, skills, and gifts that God has given to us to be a witness and blessing to others but we need to at the same time drive towards a dependence on God. Coming next month is July 4th independence day, what I say is let’s make this July 4th and starting today DEPENDENCE on God day! Why is there so much chaos in the streets today? It is easy to play the blame game but I tell you the truth the Church has a lot of the blame to lay at it’s feet for it’s apathy to truly be disciples of Christ, forsaking the idols of this world and using their all to draw close and serve HIM with their lives. We are all guilty in some form or fashion, but surely some much much more than others. Regardless, what do we do today? Can we change? Can we still make a difference starting now? Choose who you will serve today! Will you serve the gods of this world, idols of money, comfort and power? As for me and my house we will serve the Lord! Are you with us?

In these tough times everyone in the world is asking for a handout and has a song and a dance about giving more money to them. As a very small new ministry and non-profit you can be sure that when you support us that every bit goes towards building a platform to witness and make disciples in this world, not covering big corporate waste and excesses like these other ivory tower organizations. When the top level of leadership of “non-profits” are living in million dollar mansions and are bringing in huge salaries of over hundreds of thousands to millions a year you know something is wrong and that they have lost their weigh. I propose we let them fast for a while and feed those that are hungry to serve Christ.


Tax deductible checks made payable to: MISSIONHOG INC., P.O. Box 564, Hubert NC, 28539