Complementary Nature of the Church

Hello everyone, we realize it has been a little while since we have posted any updates but to tell the truth in the midst of everything that has been happening these past two months we have spent more time in reflection and have not felt prompted by the Spirit to make a post. But the Holy Spirit has stirred about and we are now ready to make a post about something the Lord has put on our hearts and some updates.

The Church and I am referring to the body of believers must realize that everyone is here to play a complementary role in the Great Commission given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ and that is not solely delegated within the building that we call Church today. Praise God for the multitude of activities that take place within the building that we call Church today and that is exactly the way it should be but we must point out an important issue.

“Are we so focused on the few things we attend within the building we call Church that we are burnt out from living our daily faith in similar activities outside of the Church.”

— Missionhog

What is meant by this? The great majority of our lives is spent in the real world outside of the Church building. This is where our true faith is tested and proved. Anyone can put on a mask and show inside the Church building for an hour, even actors do this when you watch one of their movies. Are we engaged in action or are we actors? Prayer can be action, evangelism can be action, having a Bible study with a coworker at lunch can be action, helping someone in need within your means and letting them know in Jesus name why you do it is action, giving to get the gospel out is action. This by no means is a comprehensive list of what is true action.

Now more than ever we need real faith in the real world. This is what is meant by the complementary nature of the Church. What we do as Christians outside of the Church building should complement what we are doing inside the Church building. It’s lives that are wrapped and consumed with Christ and His Great Commission. Of course there will be hills and valleys in the course of this journey but keeping the focus on your higher purpose in Christ is what must be consistent throughout and without compromise that would harm or hinder the goal to bring God glory with our lives.

It has been a blessing to continue some recent efforts with personal discipleship training with some new believers in their home or just out at public places in the community. We have been making it an intentional point no matter who we are interacting with to end our conversation with “God bless you” and sometimes we will even add the “In Jesus name”. We also encourage you to be unashamed and encouraged to do so as well. Why is it that every -ism and opinion can be pushed today but what about our God, Jesus Christ? We need to do more. With the jails closed from the virus situation there has still been the occasional opportunity with some of the guys in jail to have short 15 minute time periods of preaching, prayer, or answer questions they have from their personal Bible studies.

There has also been opportunities to attend various types of online Chinese Bible studies but those have not been consistent. The chicken coop ministry continues but we are still in the process of honing things and experimenting with the egg hatching process. Our first egg hatching experiment was not successful mostly because the hen only wanted to lay her eggs in a hole in the ground and not the brooding box we set up for her and with the many storms we had back to back we think it had a negative effect on the eggs because they didn’t hatch. But the learning and building process continues. Let us be clear though. The mobile chicken dome works, can handle big storms, and is good for egg laying. This is not a problem. We are trying now to figure out the best way to get eggs hatched in the dome environment.

At the beginning of the year we were praying that perhaps we would be able to take a follow up mission trip to Panama but the whole country is still locked down and we are not too fond of the idea of getting on an airplane in this climate anyways. God has a plan. Lord willing we will be able to go next year. Another update is that we broke down and borrowed money to pay to finish our degree. There have been things put on the back burner this past year because of ministry obligations and dealing with family issues but last month we felt that the door of opportunity was here and now to get it done. We only have two classes remaining to finish our second Master’s degree in Education – Instructional Design and Technology. Lord willing graduation will be this December. Praise God! In addition, Darlene got her most recent test results and good news that the Dr. said she should be in complete remission within 3-6 months. Another praise God! This is good news indeed because it lines up perfect with our graduation.

Does this mean that the open door of Mission’s available to us again? Things are looking optimistic in those regards. Lord willing, we will prayerfully consider direction and options. More than likely we will have to go bi-vocational because raising mission funds is much more difficult than people think. However, seeing that we will have our Master’s degree in education there is a good chance we may be able to find a job with a school somewhere to help support us for a visa as well as financially to take care of some basic living expenses. Then additional income raised can be used for ministry projects and initiatives to get the Word of God to the lost and to make disciples of all nations.

May God bless you all and please look at these times and opportunities to prove your faith by trusting and living in Christ! In Jesus name, Amen!


Checks made payable to: MISSIONHOG INC., P.O. Box 564, Hubert NC, 28539